12 October 2018 London Olympia

Exhibitor List

Academy Today

Stand No: 92
URL: http://academytoday.co.uk
Academy Today (AT) is a market-leading digital resource reporting on the latest news and opinion from the academy sector, including free schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and University Technical Colleges. AT delivers the top stories in an ever-growing sector, reporting on key topics, including government policy, teaching, and school life.


Stand No: 58
URL: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/home
Established in 1976, Acer is a hardware+ software +services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people’s lives.
Acer’s product offerings include PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones and wearables. It is also developing cloud solutions to bring together the Internet of Things.


Stand No: 96
URL: http://www.century.tech/

CENTURY is an artificially intelligent learning platform for teachers and students, providing a personalised learning journey and real-time analytics. CENTURY combines artificial intelligence, data science & cognitive neuroscience to deliver revolutionary education. Automating tasks like marking and homework tracking, frees up valuable time for teachers to focus on what matters most: teaching!


Stand No: 90
URL: https://www.computeraid.org/
We are working towards a world where everyone has equal access to ICT. We aim to achieve this by offering secure IT disposal for organisations who want to donate equipment, subsidising computers for non-profits worldwide, and running educational projects to improve ICT education.

Education Business

Stand No: 14
URL: http://www.educationbusinessuk.net/
Education Business magazine is a monthly publication dealing with the business end of State and Private Education requirements. The magazine is a crucial link between those providing education and the private sector companies who wish to do business with them.
Regular topics include ICT, Finance/Funding, Facilities Management, Security, Health & Safety, Catering, and Special Educational Needs. Contributors range from government ministers through to top-level educators and association chairs.
Education Business also makes sure that readers are kept up-to-date with the latest conferences and exhibitions by featuring in-depth previews to the most important education events and seminars.

For further information on editorial and advertising contact:
Karen Hopps +44 (0)20 8532 5716

Education Technology

Stand No: 92
URL: http://edtechnology.co.uk
Education Technology (ET) is the UK’s market-leading edtech media portfolio, distributed in both print and digital formats to an opt-in subscriber database of 30,000+ key edtech decision-makers across the education sector. Each bi-monthly issue covers the latest news and innovations in technology, with insight into key tech trends and products.


Stand No: 62
URL: https://www.espthinking.co.uk/
New methods to reduce teacher workloads and yet still help more students and save money. Come and find us to show how we can give superpowers to our teaching heroes


Stand No: 62
URL: https://www.generationh3x.com

Demystifying the curriculum, demonstrating that anyone can teach.

  • Curriculum Audit- are you making the most of your current resources- do you know about all the free resources and grants available to schools?
  • How to get started with a career in tech, without GCSE Computing, what industry is looking for.


Stand No: 42
URL: http://www.humaneyes.com

HumanEyes Technologies is a pioneer of end-to-end VR video content creation and the manufacturer of the industry leading ‘Vuze’ range of 360 and VR180 cameras, championing the adoption of this technology in the classroom to enable the educators of today to prepare their students to join the workforce of tomorrow.


Stand No: 34
URL: https://myschoolapp.co.uk
Parents today are now part of the smartphone generation. mySchoolApp enables schools to deliver essential information to the phone they have with them at all times. Accessible. Simple. Easy.

Why now?
Using an app can actually save money by replacing paper and texts with new technology.


Stand No: 56
URL: https://www.obsequiosoftware.com/education/
Obsequio is a complete e-consent solution. Collect parental consent and permissions for everything from school trips to GDPR compliance. Go paperless with a simple app that allows you to request, store and manage consents from your parents.

Ohbot Ltd

Stand No: 130
URL: http://www.ohbot.co.uk/
Ohbot is a robot head that children can program to look around, speak and sense. Programmed either using text or graphical -Scratch like- blocks Ohbot offers a tool with which children can think, create and invent. Also includes a scheme of programming activities for Key Stage 2.


Stand No: 86
URL: www.overdrive.com/schools
OverDrive Education delivers a central digital content solution for K-12 that includes digital curriculum, novels, professional development and more. Meet all your content needs with digital versions of books you have in print to achieve curriculum and instruction goals. Students can read and listen on all major devices, including iOS®, Android™, and Chromebook™. Serving 18,000+ schools and districts worldwide. www.overdrive.com/schools

Private Schools Magazine

Stand No: Event supporter
URL: http://www.ps-magazine.co.uk
PS magazine is the definitive guide to independent education. Published three times a year (spring, summer and autumn terms), PS is the independent voice of private education in the UK. It provides heads, teachers, bursars, governors and parents with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about the private school sector.


Stand No: 102
URL: https://www.scholarpack.com

Creating Smarter Schools Our easy-to-use, feature rich management system allows schools to make sense of their data and see what’s really going on. From attendance and assessments to accidents and incidents, ScholarPack helps schools record, manage and review everything that’s going on. And the result? All round smarter schools.

School Radio

Stand No: 132
URL: http://www.schoolradio.com

School Radio provides a full range of studios packages suitable for all years and budgets. We help you introduce radio as a key part of school life whilst achieving a number of the National Curriculum key goals. Our packages include everything you need to launch your own School Radio station.

Sounds Writer

Stand No: 133
SoundsWriter - an on-line teaching tool which combines text and sounds to make learning fun!
High quality texts displayed on screen provide an all-new level of excitement thanks to the recorded audio feature.
Texts are embellished with real-life sound effects adding even more interest, making reading fun and engaging.
A simple, easy-to-use tool that improves pupils’ skills in reading and writing.

Standards Tracker

Stand No: 48
URL: https://standardstracker.co.uk/

Performance management made easy! Standards Tracker is a best-in-class software platform that incorporates best practice from leading schools, giving you a simple, transparent way to direct professional development and staff assessment, as well as gaining visibility over staff performance.

Teacher Development Trust

Stand No: 131
URL: http://tdtrust.org/

The Teacher Development Trust is the national charity for effective development of teachers in schools and colleges. We work across England and Wales to support school leaders to unlock the potential of their staff so that all children can reap the greatest rewards from their time in school.


Stand No:
URL: https://www.teachitenglish.co.uk/family?utm_source=EduTech%20Show%202018&utm_medium=Reciprocal%20agreement&utm_campaign=EduTech%20Show%202018&utm_content=EduTech%20Show%202018

Teachit is a tried and trusted education resource used by teachers around the world. Our libraries offer thousands of pages of teaching materials, all created and edited by classroom teachers.


Stand No: 44
URL: https://teachpitch.com/
Team TeachPitch is coming to the Edutech Show to demonstrate how teachers & schools can save time and money through our sophisticated educational search engine and how we are bridging the gap between education and technology with our upcoming Digital Skills Program. Come find us at stand 44!

The Education Technology Association

Stand No: 122
URL: https://TheETA.co
Education Technology Association
Enabling all learners to thrive, achieve and contribute in an increasingly digital society.
We are a trusted marketplace for tried and tested resources and ideas, and a vibrant online community.
We offer a schools award which sets the national standard for Ed Tech and learning.

Tucasi “Schools Cash Office” system

Stand No: 128
URL: http://www.tucasi.com

School Payments Made Easy – a fully integrated solution for your school/academy

Systems include:

  • Online payments
  • Dinners management
  • Trips, events, uniform management
  • Extended Day
  • Lettings management
  • Communications (text/email)
  • Parents Evening Module


University of Westminster

Stand No: 127
EnAbled offers an “Academic Compass” application which is a digital tool that helps student to find their own optimal path to achieve academic success. EnAbled is based on a conceptual model which describes different learning paths, each best suited for students with different personal inclinations and strengths.


Stand No: 116
URL: www.xma.co.uk
Our purpose is simple. To deliver IT solutions which enable customers to evolve and transform the way they work.

By understanding customer goals and expectations, we apply the right balance of compute, datacentre and print technologies, to empower connectivity, mobility, security and collaboration across the whole of the education sector.

We’re passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience. Trusted by some of the largest organisations in the UK, we put our customers at the heart of all that we do.

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